Image 5 destinations for low-cost holidays

5 destinations for low-cost holidays

5 destinations for low-cost holidays

When traveling abroad for holidays, you may want to spend the smallest amount possible. Spending for flight, tour visit, hotel restaurant are the main things that you should include in your budget. Some countries are really expensive for holidays, but there are also those which don't require high cost to travel.

5 countries are recommended for low-cost holidays

1. Indonesia

As many people found, Indonesia is one of the cheapest destinations for holidays in the world. The country offers a variety of beautiful attractions for a perfect tour. However, the cost of travel is much lower compared with that of many other countries.

Picturesque jungle, stunning beaches, scuba diving, and large green paddy fields are among the most important reasons why people come to see the country. The dollar is exchanged up to 13,500 rupiah, this gives you more chance for living easily. The transport, food and the accommodation are also more affordable in this country.

2. Turkey

Turkey is Europe's most affordable holiday destination. But it is also among the cheapest in the world. Apart from the warm welcome of Turkish people, many visitors come to this Eurasian country to experience a great number of beautiful attractions.

The beautiful cities, stunning coastlines and the unique culture are among the best things to discover in Turkey. Besides, the country is widely known as one of the most popular destinations for low-cost holidays in the world. Most of deals are cheaper in Turkey, so visitors can stay for a longer time with low expenses. For example, three-star hotels are available for less than 200 euros per person.

3. Bulgaria

In recent years, Bulgaria has probably considered as the cheapest country for holidays. Here you can find a four-star hotel for 229 euros only per person. The country allows visitors to experience its beauty which is mainly built by gorgeous old towns, attractive shorelines and a wide range of fauna and flora. Bulgarian people are also so friendly and really easy to communicate with.

4. Mexico

With unique cuisine, beautiful beaches, kind local people and the low-cost of living, Mexico is one of the commonest destinations of international travelers. The main reason that makes Mexico a cheap destination is the high conversion of money such as the dollar and CAD. So the country always offers low-cost visit almost throughout the year. However, it gets a little bit more expensive than other periods during the peak season.

5. Greece

Whenever people think of having their holidays in the cheapest destinations, Greece should come to their mind. Of course, the country has many beautiful places and offers innumerable activities in the case of vacation. But it also offers a very good value for money. Regardless of the devaluation of the Euro in recent years, the country always stays affordable for any visitors from other countries. Malia and Corfu are among the best and the cheapest destination in Greece.

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